Membership Levels

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Level Price  
Ground Control $5.00 per Month. Select
Navigator $10.00 per Month. Select
Flight Technician $25.00 per Month. Select
Mission Specialist $50.00 per Month. Select
Command Pilot $100.00 per Month. Select
Mission Commander $200.00 per Month. Select
Emperor of Space and Time $1,000.00 per Month. Select

You do get different things at different levels. Feel free to browse through and see what’s what. But mostly you should go for the option that you can afford. MISSION CONTROL has made my life stable, but I never want that to make someone else’s life unstable.

You will be able to cancel at any time.

And if you’d like we can do flexible subscriptions or one time donations or something else entirely. Write to me: kim -at-

If you already have an account, LOGIN HERE.

I will also be offering a small number of “scholarships” for people who love my art, and want to see the creative process, but perhaps can’t afford the cost of entry. I know (believe me I KNOW) that money can be a tricky thing and I want everyone who wants it to have a chance to see what goes on in MISSION CONTROL. Write to me. I’m here.