MISSION CONTROL is moving to bandcamp.com subscriptions on October 27th.

Stay tuned for the next adventure!!!

welcome3Welcome to MISSION CONTROL. This is a password protected website containing new songs and imagery by Kim Boekbinder.


***Below information is for archive purposes only***

In 2012, one hundred fans were given limited subscription access to the early sound explorations that would become the soon to be released album, “The Sky is Calling.”

MISSION CONTROL is now open to everyone who believes in supporting an artist through the process of creation, not just the process of production. Where other crowdfunding methods are about rewards or merchandise, MISSION CONTROL is about enabling the time and experimentation it takes to create truly innovative art.

This is not a replacement for Kickstarter campaigns – I still do those and they are wonderful – but those campaigns are about funding the manufacturing process of my art. MISSION CONTROL is about funding the art itself.

The 186 members of MISSION CONTROL that have come and gone and come again since 2012 are the brave and beautiful people who make my art truly possible. If you are in a position to fund me for a few dollars a month I’d love for you to join me here. I share all kinds of things about my life, and my process that the world at large will never know. This is a safe place to create, a room for friends and supporters. It’s quiet at times, busy at others, but it is always vital to me as an artist to have MISSION CONTROL in a world that has so little support for artists at my level.

What do you get for joining MISSION CONTROL?

– Access to secret blogs. The trials and tribulations, the joys and triumphs, loves and losses of my creative and personal life. My thoughts on art, music, love, the process of everything. Really, everything.

– New songs that are exclusive to MISSION CONTROL.

– Photos that no one else gets to see.

– Postcards! Hand made by me and sent from all over the world.

– Care packages. I randomly make care packages for some members of MISSION CONTROL.

– Copies of all the music I release while you are a member here. The people who supported me in 2012 all get copies of my new album, as well as copies of songs that no one else gets.

– First chance at limited edition merchandise. Often with discounts.

– Happy dances! When I get excited I dance, sometimes I film these dances for you. They are quite silly, but I can’t help myself.

– Custom songs! Some of the subscription levels include a custom song written just for you. I have written many custom songs for people and used to offer them for purchase but now the only way to get them is through MISSION CONTROL. I can write you a love song, or a song about zombies or cats or birds or stars or lollipops. I’ll write about almost anything you want.

– Mostly you get to be part of the quiet revolution of micr-patronage that is happening in the art world. You will be making my art possible, and if you love my art this is a pretty fucking great way to support it.

And what do I get out of this?

I get to eat. Pay rent. Buy the occasional instrument. Keep playing shows, even if they cost me money. I get to breathe, knowing that I will have food and a bed and an audience. MISSION CONTROL changed my life for the better. I think it’s made some other people’s lives better too.


 Help me fly.

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Photo by Najva Sol

Header art by Kurt Huggins